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Performed by Yu Hongmei 于红梅Yu Hongmei's Offical Website - Professor of Department of Traditional Chinese Music, the Central Conservatory of Music (CCM); Guest Soloist of the China Central Chinese Orchestra; Guest Profess...

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Erhu - Ballad of North Henan Province 豫北叙事曲

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Dato: 02/28/2020
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Performed by Yu Hongmei 于红梅

Yu Hongmei's Offical Website -

Associate Professor of Department of Traditional Chinese Music, the Central Conservatory of Music (CCM); Guest Soloist of the China Central Chinese Orchestra; Guest Professor at the University of Calgary, Canada.

Yu Hongmei began her erhu study at the age of eight, and she studied at the Attached High School of the ChinaCentral Music University and then the China Central Music University where she earned her Bachelor's and Master's degree. At the university she was taught by professors including Zhang Shao, Su Anguo, Lan Yusong and Liu Changfu; she also learned Banhu, Gaohu, Jinghu, Zhuihu and other national musical instruments with some masters.
She won the "Pro Musicis International Award" in New York City. Her album A Collection of Erhu Concertos of Yu Hong Mei was given the 4th China Golden Record Award. She was also the first Chinese musician to receive the coveted Indie Award in the category of "Best Traditional World Music" for the CD entitled String Glamour. Another solo CD, Red Plum Blossom Capriccio, won the Best Chinese Musical Art Production. In 2002 she gave a successful solo concert in the world's most prestigious concert hall, Carnage Hall in New York where she played as the first Chinese traditional instrument performer. In 2005 she also received the First Prize of "Outstanding Young Teachers" of the Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation.

As a soloist she visited many countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa and Asia and gave more than 100 personal solo concerts. She debuted some outstanding music pieces including the Second Erhu Concerto -- After the Dream of the Capital, Ba Que and Xi Kou Ballad. Many of the important music activities she has attended are the Spring of Prague Musical Festival, the Chinese Art Festival, the Beijing International Music Festival, the Shanghai International Music Festival, the German Music Festival and the Macao Art Festival. She published 14 solo albums.

Yu Hongmei gives out a genuine feeling in her performance which is full of subtle emotions and passionate. She can perfectly interpret the music by incorporating her unique understanding in the performance and is therefore noted as "a performer representing the modern Chinese music and cultural spirit" by the New York Concert Magazine. She also works with the international composers and performers in performing many modern music works. She founded the "Qing MeJing Yue" Chinese Traditional Chamber Music Orchestra for the development and innovation of the modern national string music.


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